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    Rosanna Strong

    The Guide - Rosie has 27 years experience of living and exploring in northern forest.


    She has Strong Interpretation’s Credentials:

    • Certified Heritage Interpreter, Canadian Tourism Human Resources Council
    • Bachelor of Sciences, Zoology/Botany –University of Manitoba
    • Environmental Educator
    • Tourism Industry Trainer 
    • Wilderness First Aid & CPR
    • Small Vessel Operator Certified
    • Interpretive Planner Certification (in progress)

    Member: National Association of Interpretation, NWT Tourism Association, Northern Frontier Visitor Association

    Cameron Falls


    Season: all year

    Approximately 46 km. from Yellowknife, along the “road to riches”, Cameron Falls is situated like a jewel in the boreal forest. With your guide stroll through a mosaic of spruce, bonsai-like pine, trembling aspen, and gleaming white birch in a land that has been shaped by weather, fire, ice and forest residents. A place of change, where adaptation and ingenuity meet the challenges of this harsh environment.

    Special Considerations: Please come dressed for the weather and wear comfortable walking shoes, plus bring your own water bottle. There will be slippery surfaces along this trail with the rocks and stairs to climb.